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We help you get organized and get clear about your business, so that you have more time for other things.

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We help you get organized and get clear about your business,
so that you have more time for other things.
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Employee Motivation: Fostering Loyalty Through Shared Reward

I spend time here discussing ways to motivate employees. And so I thought I shared the story of two employees who needed a work vehicle. And what happened when the owner of a company gave a truck to one, and loaned (interested free) money to purchase a work truck to another. Not all of my clients are corporate clients, and so their motivation strategies are often a little different. (Although I believe everyone can learn something from this story – not just my contractor clients). Any guesses what happened 2 years after these two employees owned their work vehicles?  I would have guessed that the person who received a nice work truck would have been eternally grateful and happy. But that’s actually not what happened. And I believe it is specifically because he was given it – he didn’t work for it. And so that set the tone for him to think that it was all about him, not about the contribution he could make to the company. The exchange was off – and when that occurs it always trains the person to want to get even more for nothing. Which isn’t helpful to anyone.  And actually is dishonoring to all involved. Let me give some more detail. A few years ago I had a client who had 2 great employees. One was a very skilled worker who also occasionally managed things, and the other was more a tradesman still open to learning to increase his skills and abilities.  When the more skilled worker, who often went to two jobs sites during a day approach their employer about needing a...